IICM (Integrated Concept Management) is an application model that is based on overall concept, the unity and integration. Marketing ar Retail work is carried out in accordance with the principles of the ICM

Briefing: Brand value needs to be managed. It does not occur spontaneously or by chance. ICM starts its job by understanding your goals and challenges of your brand. You and your goals need to be fully understood before proceeding.

Field Work: Under the light of your existing brand strategies, we go to the field along with your relevant sales power in order to observe your market and brand related challenges. This gives us the opportunity to make on site assessment of the market complexity of your brand in the field (product, price, distribution and promotion). This step includes the following studies;

  • Brand assessment and competitors
  • Sales channel ratings and characteristics
  • Relationships established with major retailers to learn the changing needs
  • Dynamics and expectations of the sales force

Strategy:We share our ideas on strategies with our customers before offering our solutions. The consumer must support strategy and brand communication and overall strategy and communication of the brand especially when it comes to in-store sales.

Design / Prototype: : After precisely understanding customer objectives and appropriate communication strategies, ICM concept presents creative alternatives. While our concepts and ideas support the brand value, it is also aimed to increase sales at the same time.

ICM employees prepare drawings, photographs, computer models, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) samples and cost projections for you. These studies support you to find the right marketing decisions.

Production / Training:: ICM knows how to control material and product production and the purchase points. It is our core mission to meet the expectations of our customers and to be efficient without exceeding the budget. Taking into consideration the time and budget constraints, pictures and graphics presentations to achieve the best visual effect are carefully assessed. Continuous communication and control every stage of production takes precedence. Our work begins from the in store opening date and the whole production process is planned step by step.

Feedback / Reporting: After completion, presentation and implementation of the work, we also continue to support you to understand your investment through analysis of the results and the cause-and-effect relationship in your marketing plan. In order to establish a reference to the present and the future, we make reporting of the whole program and provide you with documents. This gives you a significant knowledge about the programs and in- store work for you and your company and next-generation management.