Why ICM at Purchasing Points?

The in- door experience we offer in order to be able to draw the interest and time of our customers in order to ensure them to spend their savings, must be much more realistic and attractive than other issues in the highly competitive retail environment.

To capture the retail in-store success, a business partner focused on in-store environment is required. Sales programs are becoming more complicated every day, and in practice require a strategic and integrated approach.

National and international programs require understanding all dynamics, brands, retailers and consumers bringing the in-store success from all existing aspects. - A nice shopping environment and an exciting shopping "Competitiveness" allow consumers to easily find the products and make a purchase decision.

"79% of purchasing decisions are taken at the point of sale at that time."

-POPAI Consumer Habit Survey- USA

"The days when a television campaign of 30 or 60 seconds managed the brand's identity are gone. Think about it ... a few years ago, 75% of the marketing budget of Nestle was separated for advertisement, and only 25% was spent for promotional activities. Today, by contrast, 75% of the budget spent in marketing, is used for promotional activities."

Tim Crull, CEO Nestle - Corp.